Cuprous Sulfite
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Title: Cuprous Sulfite
CAS Registry Number: 13982-53-1
Molecular Formula: Cu2O3S
Molecular Weight: 207.16
Percent Composition: Cu 61.35%, O 23.17%, S 15.48%
Line Formula: Cu2SO3
Literature References: Prepn and review: Dasent, Morrison, J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem. 26, 1122 (1964).
Derivative Type: Hemihydrate
Additional Names: Etard's salt
Properties: White to pale-yellow hexagonal crystals. Slightly sol in water; sol in HCl, NH4OH, alkali solns. Practically insol in ether, alcohol.
Derivative Type: Cupro-cupric sulfate
Additional Names: Chevreul's salt
Molecular Formula: Cu3O6S2
Molecular Weight: 350.76
Percent Composition: Cu 54.35%, O 27.37%, S 18.28%
Properties: Dihydrate, red microcryst powder or prismatic crystals. Practically insol in water, alcohol. Sol in NH4OH, HCl.
Derivative Type: Rogojski's salt
Literature References: Formerly considered to be Cu2SO3.H2O; shown to be an equimolar mixture of Chevreul's salt and metallic copper (Dasent, Morrison, loc. cit.).
Properties: Brick-red solid.
Use: As fungicide for grape vines; in dyeing polyacrylic fibers; polymerization catalyst. Chevreul's salt is a selective molluscicide.

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