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Title: Clopyralid
CAS Registry Number: 1702-17-6
CAS Name: 3,6-Dichloro-2-pyridinecarboxylic acid
Additional Names: 3,6-dichloropicolinic acid; 3,6-DCP
Manufacturers' Codes: Dowco 290
Molecular Formula: C6H3Cl2NO2
Molecular Weight: 192.00
Percent Composition: C 37.53%, H 1.57%, Cl 36.93%, N 7.30%, O 16.67%
Literature References: Systemic post-emergence herbicide for use in food crops and mesquite. Prepn: H. Johnston, BE 644105; idem, US 3317549 (1964, 1967 both to Dow). Alternate process: S. D. McGregor, US 4087431 (1978 to Dow). Physicochemical properties, toxicity and herbicidal activity: J. G. Brown, S. D. Uprichard, Proc. Br. Crop Prot. Conf. - Weeds 1976, 119. GLC determn: A. J. Pik, G. W. Hodgson, J. Assoc. Off. Anal. Chem. 59, 264 (1976). Persistence in soil: A. J. Pik et al., J. Agric. Food Chem. 25, 1054 (1977). Field trial in mesquite control: R. W. Bovey, R. E. Meyer, Weed Sci. 33, 349 (1985).
Properties: White, odorless crystalline solid, mp 151-152°. Vapor pressure at 25°: 1.2´10-5 mm Hg. Soly at 25°: ~1000 ppm in water, >25% w/w in methanol, acetone, xylene. LD50 in male, female rats (mg/kg): >5000, 4300 orally; LC50 (96 hr) to rainbow trout: 103.5 mg/l (Brown, Uprichard).
Melting point: mp 151-152°
Toxicity data: LD50 in male, female rats (mg/kg): >5000, 4300 orally; LC50 (96 hr) to rainbow trout: 103.5 mg/l (Brown, Uprichard)
Derivative Type: Monoethanolamine salt
CAS Registry Number: 57754-85-5
Trademarks: Dow Shield (Dow AgroSci.); Lontrel (Dow AgroSci.); Reclaim (Dow AgroSci.); Stinger (Dow AgroSci.); Transline (Dow AgroSci.)
Molecular Formula: C6H3Cl2NO2.C2H7NO
Molecular Weight: 253.08
Percent Composition: C 37.97%, H 3.98%, Cl 28.02%, N 11.07%, O 18.97%
Use: Herbicide.

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