Carbon Nitride
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Carbon Nitride
CAS Registry Number: 143334-20-7
Molecular Formula: C3N4
Molecular Weight: 92.06
Percent Composition: C 39.14%, N 60.86%
Literature References: Covalent crystalline solid which exists in two forms a and b. b-form may be harder than diamond. Model of structure and hardness: A. Y. Liu, M. L. Cohen, Science 245, 841 (1989). Synthesis: E. E. Haller et al., WO 9116196; eidem, US 5110679 (1991, 1992 both to Regents U. California, Berkeley); C. Niu et al., Science 261, 334 (1993). Hardness evaluation: O. Fukunaga, Kagaku to Kyoiku 41, 325 (1993), C.A. 119, 54572g (1993).

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