Bevonium Methyl Sulfate
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Title: Bevonium Methyl Sulfate
CAS Registry Number: 5205-82-3
CAS Name: 2-[[(Hydroxydiphenylacetyl)oxy]methyl]-1,1-dimethylpiperidinium methyl sulfate (salt)
Additional Names: 2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,1-dimethylpiperidinium methyl sulfate benzilate; piribenzil methyl sulfate; benzilic acid ester with 2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,1-dimethylpiperidinium methyl sulfate
Manufacturers' Codes: CG-201
Trademarks: Acabel (Grñenthal)
Molecular Formula: C23H31NO7S
Molecular Weight: 465.56
Percent Composition: C 59.34%, H 6.71%, N 3.01%, O 24.06%, S 6.89%
Literature References: Anticholinergic. Prepn: BE 616951 (1962 to Grünenthal), C.A. 58, 7914d (1963); Beckmann, Arzneim.-Forsch. 16, 910 (1966). Series of publications on pharmacology, toxicology, clinical trials, see ibid. 901-988.
Properties: Crystals from petr ether, mp 134-135°.
Melting point: mp 134-135°
Therap-Cat: Antispasmodic.
Keywords: Antispasmodic; Antimuscarinic.

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