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Title: Araroba
CAS Registry Number: 1393-64-2
Additional Names: Goa powder; crude chrysarobin; Brazil powder; ringworm powder; "Arariba"
Literature References: Found in cavities in the trunk of Andira araroba, Aguiar (Vouacapoua araroba [Aguiar] Lyons), Leguminosae and freed as much as possible from fragments of wood. Habit. In damp forests of Brazil and Bahia. Constit. About 50% chrysarobin; chrysophanic acid, gum, about 2% resin, ararobinol¾said to be the methyl ether of emodin.
Properties: Brown-yellow, slightly cryst, rough, odorless powder; becomes brownish on exposure to air.
Therap-Cat: Dermatologic.

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