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Title: Annatto
CAS Registry Number: 1393-63-1
CAS Name: C.I. Natural Orange 4
Additional Names: C.I. 75120; arnotta; annotta
Literature References: Coloring matter from seeds of Bixa orellana L., Bixaceae. Extraction from seed: Barnett, Espoy, US 2815287 (1957); Kocher, US 2831775 (1958). Contains bixins, q.v., and several other yellow to orange-red pigments which give carotene reactions: Diemair et al., Naturwissenschaften 39, 211 (1933). Review of chemistry and applications: P. Collins, Food Ingred. Proc. Int. 13, 23-27 (1992). See also: Colour Index vol. 3 (3rd ed., 1971) p. 3233.
Properties: Sol in alcohol, ether, oils.
Use: Food coloring in dairy products, esp butter and cheese, flour confectionary, fish, meat products, soft drinks, snack foods and dry mixes. In wood stains, polish, and varnishes. Spice or condiment. Insect repellent.

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