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Title: Magaldrate
CAS Registry Number: 74978-16-8
CAS Name: Aluminum magnesium hydroxide sulfate (Al5Mg10(OH)31(SO4)2) hydrate
Additional Names: magnesium aluminate hydrate; monalium hydrate
Manufacturers' Codes: AY-5710
Trademarks: Dynese (Galen); Riopan (Ayerst); Ripon
Literature References: Formerly treated as [Mg(OH)]4[(HO)4Al(OH)(HO)Al(OH)4].2H2O. Prepd by mixing together and allowing to react at 0° to 50° an alkali aluminate soln (contg 3-5 mols of Na2O or K2O per mol Al2O3) with a magnesium salt soln in such proportions that 1 g of Al combines with 0.9 to 3.0 g of Mg, and washing the pptd product: Hallmann, US 2923660 (1960 to Byk-Gulden Lomberg). Characterization: C. L. Peterson et al., Pharm. Res. 10, 998 (1993).
Properties: White, odorless, crystalline powder which contains the equivs of not <28.0% and not >39.0% MgO and not <17.0% and not >25.0% Al2O3.
Therap-Cat: Antacid.
Keywords: Antacid.

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