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Title: Amediplase
CAS Registry Number: 151912-11-7
CAS Name: [173-Serine,174-tyrosine,175-glutamine]-173-275-plasminogen activator (human tissue-type reduced) fusion protein with urokinase (human urine b-chain reduced)
Additional Names: K2tu-PA
Manufacturers' Codes: CGP-42935; MEN-9063
Literature References: Chimeric, recombinant single chain glycoprotein of 365 amino acid residues composed of the kringle-2 domain of human tissue plaminogen activator, q.v., fused to the serine protease domain of single chain pro-urokinase, q.v. Prepn: B. Rajput et al., EP 277313; eidem, US 5242819 (1988, 1993 both to Ciba-Geigy); and primary structure: A. A. Bergwerff et al., Eur. J. Biochem. 212, 639 (1993). Characterization of glycoforms: D. Müller et al., Biol. Mass Spectrom. 23, 330 (1994). CHO cell-based production system: F. A. M. Asselbergs et al., J. Biotechnol. 42, 221 (1995). Thrombolytic activity in vivo: G. Agnelli et al., Thromb. Haemostasis 68, 331 (1992). Review of development and therapeutic potential: S. A. Doggrell, Curr. Opin. Invest. Drugs 5, 344-347 (2004).
Therap-Cat: Thrombolytic.
Keywords: Thrombolytic.

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