tert-Butyl Chloroacetate
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Title: tert-Butyl Chloroacetate
CAS Registry Number: 107-59-5
CAS Name: Chloroacetic acid 1,1-dimethyl ester
Additional Names: t-butyl chloroacetate; chloroacetic acid tert-butyl ester
Molecular Formula: C6H11ClO2
Molecular Weight: 150.60
Percent Composition: C 47.85%, H 7.36%, Cl 23.54%, O 21.25%
Line Formula: ClCH2COOC(CH3)3
Literature References: Prepd by reacting monochloroacetic acid and isobutylene in dioxane in the presence of sulfuric acid: Johnson et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 75, 4995 (1953); from tert-butyl alcohol, chloroacetyl chloride and dimethylaniline: Baker, Org. Synth. 24, 21 (1944).
Properties: Liquid, bp 155° (dec); bp11 48-49°; bp16-17 56-57°. nD25 1.4204-1.4210; nD20 1.4259-1.4260. Hydrolyzes to tert-butyl alcohol and chloroacetic acid.
Boiling point: bp 155° (dec); bp11 48-49°; bp16-17 56-57°
Index of refraction: nD25 1.4204-1.4210; nD20 1.4259-1.4260
Use: In the glycidic ester condensation.

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