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Title: Nialamide
CAS Registry Number: 51-12-7
CAS Name: 4-Pyridinecarboxylic acid 2-[3-oxo-3-[(phenylmethyl)amino]propyl]hydrazide
Additional Names: 1-[2-(benzylcarbamoyl)ethyl]-2-isonicotinoylhydrazide; N-[2-(benzylcarbamyl)ethylamino]isonicotinamide; N-benzyl-b-(isonicotinoylhydrazino)propionamide; N-isonicotinoyl-N¢-[b-(N-benzylcarboxamido)ethyl]hydrazide; isonicotinic acid 2-[2-(benzylcarbamoyl)ethyl]hydrazide
Trademarks: Espril; Niamid (Pfizer); Niamidal; Niaquitil; Nuredal; Nyazin
Molecular Formula: C16H18N4O2
Molecular Weight: 298.34
Percent Composition: C 64.41%, H 6.08%, N 18.78%, O 10.73%
Literature References: Monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor. Prepn: Bloom, Carnahan, US 2894972; US 3040061 (1959, 1962 both to Pfizer). Toxicology study: C. S. Delahunt, J. M. Pepin, Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 1, 524 (1959).
Properties: Slightly bitter crystals from ethyl acetate, mp 151.1-152.1°. Sparingly sol in water; freely sol in acidic solvents. LD50 in mice, rats (mg/kg): 1000, 1700 orally; 742, 760 i.p. (Delahunt).
Melting point: mp 151.1-152.1°
Toxicity data: LD50 in mice, rats (mg/kg): 1000, 1700 orally; 742, 760 i.p. (Delahunt)
Therap-Cat: Antidepressant.
Keywords: Antidepressant; Hydrazides/Hydrazines.

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