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Title: N-(Ethylmercuri)-p-toluenesulfonanilide
CAS Registry Number: 517-16-8
CAS Name: Ethyl(4-methyl-N-phenylbenzenesulfonamidato-N)mercury
Additional Names: ethyl(N-phenyl-p-toluenesulfonamido)mercury
Trademarks: Ceresan M
Molecular Formula: C15H17HgNO2S
Molecular Weight: 475.96
Percent Composition: C 37.85%, H 3.60%, Hg 42.14%, N 2.94%, O 6.72%, S 6.74%
Literature References: Review of toxicity: Dangerous Prop. Ind. Mater. Rep. 13, 523-526 (1993).
Properties: Crystals. Pungent odor, somewhat reminiscent of garlic. Practically insol in water.
CAUTION: Almost as toxic as mercuric chloride; less irritating to the skin than ethyl mercury phosphate. Potential symptoms of overexposure confined to CNS and consist of deafness, ataxia, dysarthria, progressive visual deterioration, dysphagia, sphincteric incontinence, mental confusion, stupor, death. See Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, R. E. Gosselin et al., Eds. (Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, 5th ed., 1984) Section II, p 136.
Use: To control the various smuts which befall grain. Reduces bulb rot in gladiolus.
Status: This monograph has been retired and is no longer subject to revision or update.

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