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Title: Bifenazate
CAS Registry Number: 149877-41-8
CAS Name: 2-(4-Methoxy[1,1¢-biphenyl]-3-yl)hydrazinecarboxylic acid 1-methylethyl ester
Additional Names: isopropyl 3-(4-methoxy-3-biphenylyl)carbazate
Manufacturers' Codes: D-2341
Trademarks: Floramite (Uniroyal)
Molecular Formula: C17H20N2O3
Molecular Weight: 300.35
Percent Composition: C 67.98%, H 6.71%, N 9.33%, O 15.98%
Literature References: Hydrazinecarboxylate miticide for use on fruits and ornamentals. Prepn: M. A. Dekeyser, P. T. McDonald, WO 9310083; eidem, US 5367093 (1993, 1994 both to Uniroyal). Review of physical properties, biological activity, and field trials: M. A. Dekeyser et al., Brighton Crop Prot. Conf. - Pests Dis. 1996, 487-492.
Properties: White crystals, mp 120-121°. Soly in water at 20°: 3.76 mg/l. Log P (n-octanol/water) at 25°: 3.4 (pH 7). LD50 in rats (mg/kg): 5000 orally, >2000 dermally (Dekeyser).
Melting point: mp 120-121°
Log P: Log P (n-octanol/water) at 25°: 3.4 (pH 7)
Toxicity data: LD50 in rats (mg/kg): 5000 orally, >2000 dermally (Dekeyser)
Use: Acaricide.

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