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Title: Basiliximab
CAS Registry Number: 179045-86-4
CAS Name: Anti-(human interleukin 2 receptor) immunoglobulin G1 (human-mouse monoclonal CHI621 g1-chain) disulfide with human-mouse monoclonal CHI621 light chain, dimer
Additional Names: chRFT5
Manufacturers' Codes: SDZ-CHI-621
Trademarks: Simulect (Novartis)
Literature References: Human-murine chimeric monoclonal antibody directed against the interleukin-2 receptor a-chain (IL-2Ra), also known as CD25 antigen, on the surface of activated T cells. Prepn: P. L. Amlot et al., EP 449769 (1991 to Sandoz; Roy. Free Hosp. Sch. Med.). Clinical pharmacology: idem et al., Transplantation 60, 748 (1995). Clinical pharmacokinetics: J. Kovarik et al., ibid. 64, 1701 (1997). Clinical trial in kidney transplantation: B. Nashan et al., Lancet 350, 1193 (1997).
Therap-Cat: Immunosuppressant.
Keywords: Immunosuppressant.

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