Zinc Sulfide
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Zinc Sulfide
CAS Registry Number: 1314-98-3
Additional Names: Zinc Blende
Molecular Formula: SZn
Molecular Weight: 97.47
Percent Composition: S 32.90%, Zn 67.11%
Line Formula: ZnS
Properties: Occurs in nature as the minerals wurtzite (hexagonal, d 4.087) and sphalerite (cubic, d 4.102). White to grayish-white or yellowish powder. When contg water, it slowly oxidizes in air to sulfate. Insol in water, alkalies. Sol in dil mineral acids. Precipitated zinc sulfide of commerce usually contains 15-20% water of hydration. The dried precipitate may have been heated to 725° in the absence of air to obtain substantial conversion to wurtzite, the form preferred by the pigment industry.
Density: d 4.087; d 4.102
Use: Pigment for paints, oilcloths, linoleum, leather, dental rubber, etc., especially in the form of lithopone; mixed with ZnO as "mineral white." Anhydr zinc sulfide is used in x-ray screens and with a trace of a radium or mesothorium salt in luminous dials of watches; also television screens.

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