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Title: Camostat
CAS Registry Number: 59721-28-7
CAS Name: 4-[[4-[(Aminoiminomethyl)amino]benzoyl]oxy]benzeneacetic acid 2-(dimethylamino)-2-oxoethyl ester
Additional Names: N,N-dimethylcarbamoylmethyl-p-(p-guanidinobenzoyloxy)phenylacetate
Molecular Formula: C20H22N4O5
Molecular Weight: 398.41
Percent Composition: C 60.29%, H 5.57%, N 14.06%, O 20.08%
Literature References: Orally active, non-peptide proteolytic enzyme inhibitor with anti-trypsin and anti-plasmin activities, related structurally to gabexate, q.v. Prepn: S. Fujii et al., DE 2548886; eidem, US 4021472 (1976, 1977 both to Ono). Enzyme inhibition study: Y. Tamura et al., Biochim. Biophys. Acta 484, 417 (1977). Inhibition of exptl tumors in mice: M. Ohkoshi, Gann 72, 959 (1981), C.A. 96, 97304v (1982); M. Ohkoshi, S. Fujii, ibid. 73, 108 (1982), C.A. 96, 155182s (1982). Prevention of acute exptl pancreatitis: S. Takasugi et al., Digestion 24, 36 (1982). Absorption and excretion: S. Hiraku et al., Iyakuhin Kenkyu 13, 756 (1982), C.A. 97, 120038t (1982).
Derivative Type: Methanesulfonate
CAS Registry Number: 59721-29-8
Additional Names: Camostat mesylate
Manufacturers' Codes: FOY-305
Trademarks: Foipan (Ono)
Molecular Formula: C20H22N4O5.CH3SO3H
Molecular Weight: 494.52
Percent Composition: C 51.00%, H 5.30%, N 11.33%, O 25.88%, S 6.48%
Properties: Solid from methanol/ether, mp 150-155°. Sol in water.
Melting point: mp 150-155°
Therap-Cat: Protease inhibitor.
Keywords: Protease Inhibitor.

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