Ylang-Ylang Oil
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Title: Ylang-Ylang Oil
Additional Names: Cananga oil
Literature References: Volatile oil distilled in Madagascar, Reunion Island, Comoro Islands and the Philippine Islands from freshly picked flowers of Cananga odorata Hook & Thoms., Anonaceae. The first distillate yields the so-called "ylang-ylang extra" and is the finest oil. The first, second and third fractions follow, the first two having insignificant commercial value. Constit. Geraniol and linalool esters of acetic and benzoic acids; p-cresol methyl ether, cadinene, a sesquiterpene, a phenol.
Properties: Light yellow, very fragrant liquid. d2020 0.930-0.950. Rotation: -27° to -50° in 100-mm tube.
Density: d2020 0.930-0.950
Use: In delicate perfumes.

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