Ammonium Bisulfide
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Title: Ammonium Bisulfide
CAS Registry Number: 12124-99-1
Additional Names: Ammonium hydrogen sulfide; ammonium hydrosulfide; ammonium sulfhydrate
Molecular Formula: H5NS
Molecular Weight: 51.11
Percent Composition: H 9.86%, N 27.41%, S 62.74%
Line Formula: NH4HS
Literature References: Prepd by mixing stoichiometric amts of NH3 and H2S gases at 0°: Thomas, Riding, J. Chem. Soc. 123, 1181 (1923).
Properties: White, tetragonal or orthorhombic crystals. d 1.17. Sublimes in vacuo. Decomposes into H2S and NH3 rather easily at room temp when in crystal form. The commercial product is furnished in porcelain-like lumps which are more stable and can be stored in a closed bottle at a cool place. Dissociation press. at room temp about 350 mm Hg. Freely sol in water or alcohol giving colorless solns which turn yellow rapidly. Decomposed by boiling water. Soly (0°): 128.1 g/100 g H2O. Slightly sol in acetone; almost insol in ether, benzene.
Density: d 1.17
CAUTION: Very irritating to skin; penetrates more rapidly than hydrogen sulfide and may be fatal.
Use: In lubricants.

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