Trimellitic Acid
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Title: Trimellitic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 528-44-9
CAS Name: 1,2,4-Benzenetricarboxylic acid
Additional Names: 1,2,4-tricarboxybenzene
Molecular Formula: C9H6O6
Molecular Weight: 210.14
Percent Composition: C 51.44%, H 2.88%, O 45.68%
Literature References: Obtained by oxidation of coal with nitric acid: Grosskinsky, Glueckauf 88, 376 (1952), C.A. 46, 7731 (1952); by oxidation of b-indancarboxylic acid with nitric acid: Braun et al., Ber. 53, 1160 (1920). Manuf by oxidation of pseudocumene: Backlund, US 3009953 (1961 to Union Oil of Calif.).
Properties: Crystals from acetic acid or dilute alcohol. mp 218-220° (also reported 229-234° dec). Solubilities at 25° in g/100 g solvent: carbon tetrachloride 0.004; ligroin 0.03; mixed xylenes 0.006; dimethylformamide 31.3; ethyl acetate 1.7; acetone 7.9; water 2.1; ethanol 25.3. Practically insol in chloroform, benzene, carbon disulfide.
Melting point: mp 218-220° (also reported 229-234° dec)
Use: Intermediate in the prepn of resins, plasticizers, dyes, inks, adhesives.

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