Toluylene Blue
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Title: Toluylene Blue
CAS Registry Number: 97-26-7
CAS Name: N-[4-[(2,4-Diamino-5-methylphenyl)imino]-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene]-N-methylmethanaminium chloride
Additional Names: [4-(4,6-diamino-m-tolyl)imino-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene]dimethylammonium chloride; C.I. 49410
Molecular Formula: C15H19ClN4
Molecular Weight: 290.79
Percent Composition: C 61.96%, H 6.59%, Cl 12.19%, N 19.27%
Literature References: Prepd by condensation of p-nitrosodimethylaniline with 2,4-diaminotoluylene: Witt, Ber. 12, 933 (1879); DE 15272; Frdl. 1, 274. Also formed by irradiating a mixture of dimethyl-p-phenylenediamine and m-toluylenediamine: Loiseleur, Compt. Rend. 237, 461 (1953). See also Colour Index vol. 4 (3rd ed., 1971) p 4443.
Derivative Type: Monohydrate
Properties: Prismatic, copper-brown, shiny crystals. Gives blue soln with cold water, alc, acetic acid.
Use: Biological stain.

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