Thioacetic Acid
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Thioacetic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 507-09-5
CAS Name: Ethanethioic acid
Additional Names: thiolacetic acid; thiacetic acid
Molecular Formula: C2H4OS
Molecular Weight: 76.12
Percent Composition: C 31.56%, H 5.30%, O 21.02%, S 42.12%
Line Formula: CH3COSH
Literature References: Prepn by distilling glacial acetic acid with phosphorus pentasulfide: Kekulé, Ann. 90, 309 (1854); from acetic anhydride and hydrogen sulfide: Ellingboe, Org. Synth. 31, 105 (1951).
Properties: Yellow, fuming liquid; pungent odor. d410 1.075; bp 93°. Not solidified at -17°. Sol in water, particularly hot; very sol in alcohol.
Boiling point: bp 93°
Density: d410 1.075

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