Tetraethylammonium Bromide
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Tetraethylammonium Bromide
CAS Registry Number: 71-91-0
CAS Name: N,N,N-Triethylethanaminium bromide
Additional Names: TEAB
Trademarks: TMD-10; Etylon; Etambro; Sympatektoman; Tetranium
Molecular Formula: C8H20BrN
Molecular Weight: 210.16
Percent Composition: C 45.72%, H 9.59%, Br 38.02%, N 6.66%
Line Formula: (C2H5)4NBr
Literature References: Ganglion blocking agent. Prepd from triethylamine and ethyl bromide: Hofmann, Ann. 78, 263 (1851). Review of the pharmacology of the tetraethylammonium ion: Moe, Freyburger, Pharmacol. Rev. 2, 61-95 (1950).
Properties: Deliquesc crystals. Freely sol in water, alc, chloroform, acetone. Slightly sol in benzene. pH of a 10% aq soln 6.5. The pH is not changed by heating for 28 hrs at 95°.

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