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Title: Sulesomab
CAS Registry Number: 167747-19-5
CAS Name: Anti-(human NCA-90 granulocyte cell antigen) immunoglobulin G1 Fab¢ fragment (mouse monoclonal IMMU-MN3 g1-chain) disulfide with mouse monoclonal IMMU-MN3 light chain
Literature References: Murine antigranulocyte monoclonal Fab¢ antibody fragment directed against nonspecific crossreactive antigen-90 (NCA-90), a surface glycoprotein on granulocytes, and cross reactive with carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA). 99mTechnetium radiolabeled immunoconjugate designed for imaging activated granulocytes. Prepn and characterization as an anti-CEA antibody: H. J. Hansen et al., Cancer 71, 3478 (1993). Prepn of radiolabeled form: idem et al., US 5328679 (1994 to Immunomedics). Pharmacology and immunoscintigraphy: W. Becker et al., Semin. Nucl. Med. 24, 142 (1994). Clinical study in detection of osteomyelitis: S. J. Harwood et al., Clin. Infect. Dis. 28, 1200 (1999); of appendicitis: B. Baron et al., Surgery 125, 288 (1999).
Derivative Type: 99mTc-Labeled form
CAS Registry Number: 157856-25-2
Additional Names: ImmuRAID-MN3-Tc-99m
Trademarks: LeukoScan (Immunomedics)
Therap-Cat: 99mTc-labeled form as diagnostic aid (radioactive imaging agent).

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