Peanut Oil
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Title: Peanut Oil
Additional Names: Arachis oil; groundnut oil; earthnut oil; katchung oil
Literature References: Prepd by pressing the shelled and skinned seeds of Arachis hypogaea L., Leguminosae: N. J. Morris, F. G. Dollear, Abstract Bibliography of the Chemistry and Technology of Peanuts (Southern Regional Res. Lab., New Orleans, 1949); E. W. Eckey, Vegetable Fats and Oils (Reinhold, New York, 1954). Constits. of cold pressed oil: glycerides of the following fatty acids: palmitic 8.3%, stearic 3.1%, arachidic 2.4%, behenic 3.1%, lignoceric 1.1%, oleic 56.0%, linoleic 26.0%. Traces of capric and lauric acids have been reported. Unsaponifiable matter 0.8% (includes tocopherols 0.022 to 0.059%, sterols 0.19 to 0.25%, squalene 0.027% and other hydrocarbons).
Properties: Greenish-yellow or almost colorless oil. Mild, pleasant odor; bland taste. d1515 0.917-0.921. d2525 0.910-0.915. Clouds at low room temp. Solidifies at ~-5°. A.S.T.M. cloud point +4.5°; A.S.T.M. pour point +1°. Titer 26 to 32°. Flash pt 540°F (283°C); ignition temp 833°F (443°C). nD25 1.466-1.470; nD40 1.4605-1.4645. Acid value 0.08-6; saponification value 188-195; iodine value 84-102; thiocyanogen value 67-73; hydroxyl value 2.5-9.5; Reichert-Meissl value 0.2-1.0; Polenske value 0.2-0.7. Very slowly thickens and becomes rancid on prolonged exposure to air. Miscible with ether, petr ether, chloroform, carbon disulfide. Sol in benzene, carbon tetrachloride, oils; very slightly sol in alc.
Flash point: Flash pt 540°F (283°C); ignition temp 833°F (443°C)
Index of refraction: nD25 1.466-1.470; nD40 1.4605-1.4645
Density: d1515 0.917-0.921; d2525 0.910-0.915
Use: Edible oil: for salad oil as is; in hydrogenated state as shortening, in mayonnaise, in confections. For the manuf of margarine, soaps, paints. In pharmacy as vehicle for i.m. medication, in the laboratory as heat transfer medium in melting point apparatus. Pharmaceutic aid (solvent).
Therap-Cat-Vet: Has been used in control of pasture bloat.

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