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Title: Succinanil
CAS Registry Number: 83-25-0
CAS Name: 1-Phenyl-2,5-pyrrolidinedione
Additional Names: N-phenylsuccinimide; N-phenylbutanimide
Molecular Formula: C10H9NO2
Molecular Weight: 175.18
Percent Composition: C 68.56%, H 5.18%, N 8.00%, O 18.27%
Literature References: Prepd by treating succinanilic acid with acetyl chloride: Ruggli, Ann. 412, 4 (1916); Warren, Briggs, Ber. 64, 29 (1931); L. F. Fieser, Experiments in Organic Chemistry (Boston, 1955) p 106.
Properties: Monoclinic prisms from water or alcohol, mp 154.5°. d420 1.356. bp760 ~400°. Sol in ether, boiling alcohol. Slightly sol in boiling water.
Melting point: mp 154.5°
Boiling point: bp760 ~400°
Density: d420 1.356

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