Soy Sauce
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Title: Soy Sauce
Literature References: Soy sauce is a hydrolysis product of soybeans. A combination of mold fermentation and acid hydrolysis is used. The molds employed are Aspergillus flavus, A. niger, and A. oryzae. Soy sauce consists of a mixture of amino acids, peptides, polypeptides, peptones, simple proteins, purines, carbohydrates, and lesser organic compds suspended in an 18% sodium chloride soln. Adenine, arginine, choline, lysine, betaine, and glutamic acid have been isolated. In the manuf of soy sauce, during the fermentation process, 60-70% of the vitamins present in soybeans are destroyed. Review and bibliography: K. S. Markley, Soybeans and Soybean Products, 2 vols. (Interscience, N.Y., 1951).

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