Sodium Silicate Solution
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Title: Sodium Silicate Solution
CAS Registry Number: 1344-09-8
Literature References: Sodium silicate solns of varying composition with respect to the ratio between sodium and silica, as well as of various densities, are available. One of the most commonly used sodium silicate solns, also known as "egg preserver", contains ~40% Na2Si3O7. Solns of sodium silicate are strongly alkaline and are readily dec by acids with separation of silicic acid. The greater the ratio of Na2O to SiO2 (the greater the alkalinity) the more tacky is the soln.
Use: For preserving eggs; fireproofing fabrics; as a detergent in soaps; as adhesive; waterproofing walls; in cements; in cold-water paints; manuf of abrasive wheels; weighting silk, etc.

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