Sodium Polymetaphosphate
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Title: Sodium Polymetaphosphate
CAS Registry Number: 50813-16-6
Additional Names: Graham's salt; "sodium hexametaphosphate"; glassy sodium metaphosphate
Trademarks: Hy-Phos
Literature References: (NaPO3)x. A mixture of polymeric metaphosphates; not a hexamer. Prepd by rapidly chilling molten sodium metaphosphate: Bell, Inorg. Synth. 3, 103 (1950). Reviews: see Sodium Metaphosphate.
Properties: Clear, hygroscopic glass. mp 628°. Sol in water, but dissolves slowly. Depolymerizes in aqueous soln to form sodium trimetaphosphate and sodium orthophosphates.
Melting point: mp 628°
Derivative Type: Sodium hexametaphosphate detergents
Trademarks: Calgon; Giltex; Quadrafos; Hagan phosphate; Micromet
Properties: Mixtures contg Graham's salt as the principal agent. Supplied in the form of a powder, flakes, and as small, broken, glass-like particles. Sol in water (pH adjusted to 8-8.6). Insol in organic solvents. Possess dispersing and deflocculating properties, coagulate albumins, and inhibit the crystn of slightly sol compds such as calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate.
Use: Water softeners and detergents. For leather tanning, dyeing, laundry work, textile processing; for the "threshold treatment" of softening industrial water supplies.

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