Sodium Chlorite
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Title: Sodium Chlorite
CAS Registry Number: 7758-19-2
Molecular Formula: ClNaO2
Molecular Weight: 90.44
Percent Composition: Cl 39.20%, Na 25.42%, O 35.38%
Line Formula: NaClO2
Literature References: Prepd on a commercial scale by passing chlorine dioxide into a soln of sodium hydroxide contg carbonaceous matter and lime: Vincent, US 2092944; US 2092945 (both 1937 to Mathieson). Review of manuf and properties: Kesting, Pulp Paper Mag. Can. 53, no. 8, 99-104 (1952); of toxicology and human exposure: Toxicological Profile for Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite (PB2003-101465, 2002) 182 pp.
Properties: Slightly hygroscopic crystals or flakes, does not cake. Dec 180-200°. Powerful oxidizer, but will not explode on percussion unless in contact with oxidizable material. Soly in water (g/100 g soln): at 5°: 34; at 17°: 39; at 30°: 46; at 45°: 53; at 60°: 55.
Derivative Type: Trihydrate
Properties: Triclinic leaflets, becomes anhydr at 38° or in desiccator over KOH at room temp.
Use: In the preparation of chlorine dioxide for immediate use; in water purification; as bleaching agent for textiles, paper pulp; disinfectant.

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