Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor
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Title: Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor
CAS Registry Number: 83869-56-1
CAS Name: Colony-stimulating factor-2
Additional Names: CSF-2; CSFa; GM-CSF; NIF-T
Literature References: Hematopoietic growth factor that stimulates the development of neutrophils and macrophages and promotes the proliferation and development of early erythroid, megakaryocytic and eosinophilic progenitor cells. Produced by endothelial cells, monocytes, fibroblasts and T lymphocytes. Inhibits neutrophil migration and enhances the functional activities of the mature end-cells. Purification of murine GM-CSF: A. W. Burgess et al., J. Biol. Chem. 252, 1998 (1977); of human GM-CSF: N. A. Nicola et al., Blood 54, 614 (1979); and identity with neutrophil migration inhibition factor (NIF-T): J. C. Gasson et al., Science 226, 1339 (1984). Partial amino acid sequence of murine: L. G. Sparrow et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 82, 292 (1985). Cloning and expression of murine GM-CSF: N. M. Gough et al., Nature 309, 763 (1984); of human: G. G. Wong et al., Science 228, 810 (1985); F. Lee et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 82, 4360 (1985); M. A. Cantrell et al., ibid. 6250. Pharmacokinetics: W. P. Petros, Pharmacotherapy 12, Suppl 2-2, 32S (1992). Clinical comparison with G-CSF: S. Blackwell, J. Crawford, ibid. 20S. Review: J. C. Gasson, Blood 77, 1131-1145 (1991). Review of clinical and biological effects: S. G. Louie, B. Jung, Am. J. Hosp. Pharm. 50, Suppl 3, S10-S18 (1993).
Derivative Type: Molgramostim
CAS Registry Number: 99283-10-0
CAS Name: Colony-stimulating factor 2 (human clone pHG25 protein moiety reduced)
Manufacturers' Codes: Sch-39300
Trademarks: Leucomax (Schering-Plough)
Literature References: Nonglycosylated peptide of 127 amino acids produced in E. coli by recombinant DNA technology. Mol wt 14.5 kDa. Pharmacokinetics in AIDS and ARC: R. G. Hewitt et al., Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 37, 512 (1993).
Derivative Type: Regramostim
CAS Registry Number: 127757-91-9
CAS Name: Colony-stimulating factor 2 (human clone pCSF-1 protein moiety reduced) glycoform GMC 89-107
Literature References: Glycoprotein of 127 amino acids produced in Chinese hamster ovary cells by recombinant DNA technology. Mol wt 21-34 kDa.
Derivative Type: Sargramostim
CAS Registry Number: 123774-72-1
CAS Name: 23-L-Leucinecolony-stimulating factor 2 (human clone pHG25 protein moiety)
Manufacturers' Codes: BI 61.012
Trademarks: Leukine (Immunex); Prokine (Hoechst-Roussel)
Literature References: Variably glycosylated glycoprotein of 127 amino acids produced in yeast by recombinant DNA technology. Mol wt 15.5-19.5 kDa. Differs from endogenous human GM-CSF by the substitution of a leucine moiety at position 23 of the amino acid sequence. Clinical evaluation in myelodysplasia: W. J. Gradishar et al., Blood 80, 2463 (1992); in Crohn's disease: J. R. Korzenik et al., N. Engl. J. Med. 352, 2193 (2005).
Therap-Cat: Hematopoietic; antineutropenic.
Keywords: Antineutropenic; Hematopoietic.

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