Silver Nitrite
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Silver Nitrite
CAS Registry Number: 7783-99-5
Molecular Formula: AgNO2
Molecular Weight: 153.87
Percent Composition: Ag 70.10%, N 9.10%, O 20.80%
Properties: Pale yellow, odorless needles; non-hygroscopic; becomes gray in light. d 4.45. Dec at 140°. Sol in 300 parts water; more sol in boiling water; less sol in aqueous solns of silver nitrate; partly dec on prolonged boiling with water; insol in alcohol; dec by dil acids. Protect from light.
Density: d 4.45
Use: For prepn of standard NaNO2 soln for water analysis; prepn of aliphatic nitro-compds; as reagent for primary, secondary, and tertiary alcohols.

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