Silicon Tetrafluoride
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Silicon Tetrafluoride
CAS Registry Number: 7783-61-1
Additional Names: Silicon fluoride
Molecular Formula: F4Si
Molecular Weight: 104.08
Percent Composition: F 73.01%, Si 26.98%
Line Formula: SiF4
Literature References: Commercial prepn from waste gases of phosphate fertilizer production: Molstad, US 2833628 (1958 to W. R. Grace). Lab prepns: Booth, Swinehart, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 57, 1337 (1935); Hoffman, Gutowski, Inorg. Synth. 4, 145 (1953); Belf, Chem. Ind. (London) 1955, 1296.
Properties: Colorless gas; very pungent odor similar to that of hydrogen chloride. Forms heavy clouds with moist air. Dec by water into silicic acid and HF. Sublimes -95.7°; mp -90.2° (under pressure): d (liq; -80°) 1.590. Critical temp -1.5°; critical pressure 50 atm.
Melting point: mp -90.2° (under pressure)
Density: d (liq; -80°) 1.590

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