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Title: Safinamide
CAS Registry Number: 133865-89-1
CAS Name: (2S)-2-[[[4-[(3-Fluorophenyl)methoxy]phenyl]methyl]amino]propanamide
Additional Names: (S)-(+)-2-[[4-(3-fluorobenzoxy)benzyl]amino]propanamide
Manufacturers' Codes: FCE-26743
Molecular Formula: C17H19FN2O2
Molecular Weight: 302.34
Percent Composition: C 67.53%, H 6.33%, F 6.28%, N 9.27%, O 10.58%
Literature References: Voltage-dependent sodium and calcium channel blocker; selective and reversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B). Prepn: P. Dostert et al., EP 400495; eidem, US 5236957 (1990, 1993 both to Farmitalia); and anticonvulsant activity: P. Pevarello et al., J. Med. Chem. 41, 579 (1998). Mechanism of action study: P. Salvati et al., J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 288, 1151 (1999). Review of early clinical development: P. L. Chazot, Curr. Opin. Invest. Drugs 2, 809-813 (2001). Clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics: A. Marzo et al., Pharmacol. Res. 50, 77 (2004). Clinical evaluation in Parkinson's disease: F. Stocchi et al., Neurology 63, 746 (2004).
Properties: mp 208-212°.
Melting point: mp 208-212°
Derivative Type: Methanesulfonate
CAS Registry Number: 202825-46-5
Additional Names: Safinamide mesylate
Manufacturers' Codes: NW-1015; PNU-151774E
Molecular Formula: C17H19FN2O2.CH4O3S
Molecular Weight: 398.45
Percent Composition: C 54.26%, H 5.82%, F 4.77%, N 7.03%, O 20.08%, S 8.05%
Properties: mp 210° (dec). [a]D25 +12.9° (c = 1.1% in 98% acetic acid).
Melting point: mp 210° (dec)
Optical Rotation: [a]D25 +12.9° (c = 1.1% in 98% acetic acid)
Therap-Cat: Antiparkinsonian; anticonvulsant.
Keywords: Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor; Anticonvulsant; Antiparkinsonian.

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