Rose Hips
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Title: Rose Hips
Additional Names: Hipberries
Literature References: The fruits or berries from wild rose bushes, notably Rosa canina L., R. gallica L., R. condita Scop. and R. rugosa Thunb., Rosaceae. Rich in ascorbic acid: M. Szczyglowa et al., Rocz. Panstw. Zakl. Hig. 1, 523-532 (1950), C.A. 46, 1177d. Ascorbic acid content of hips of R. canina reported as 19-27 mg/g dry weight: Å. Gustafsson, J. Schröderheim, Nature 153, 196 (1944); as 33.1 mg/g dry weight: I. Roubani et al., J. Hortic. Sci. 51, 375 (1976). Comparison of methods for determn of ascorbic acid in hips: K. Gliniecki et al., Pharm. Z. 127, 823 (1982).

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