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Title: Hassium
CAS Registry Number: 54037-57-9
Additional Names: Element 108; unniloctium
Literature References: Hs, Uno; at. no. 108. Group VIII (8). No stable nuclides. Prepn of isotope 265108 (T½ ~1.8 msec, a-decay, rel. at. mass 265.1306) by 208Pb (58Fe,n): G. Münzenberg et al., Z. Phys. A317, 235 (1984); of isotopes 263108 (T½ ~1.9 sec) by 209Bi (55Mn,n) and 264108 by 207Pb (58Fe,n) or 208Pb(58Fe,2n): Y. T. Oganessian et al., ibid. A319, 215 (1984); of isotope 264108 (T½ ~76 msec, a-decay) by 207Pb(58Fe,n): G. Münzenberg et al., ibid. A324, 489 (1986). Review of synthesis: eidem, ibid. A328, 49-59 (1987); G. N. Flerov, G. M. Ter-Akopian, Prog. Particle Nucl. Phys. 19, 197-239 (1987); G. T. Seaborg in Transuranium Elements: A Half Century, L. R. Morss, J. Fuger, Eds. (Am. Chem. Soc., Washington DC, 1992) p 40-41.

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