Riboflavin Monophosphate
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Title: Riboflavin Monophosphate
CAS Registry Number: 146-17-8
CAS Name: Riboflavin 5ยข-(dihydrogen phosphate)
Additional Names: flavin mononucleotide; FMN; vitamin B2 phosphate
Molecular Formula: C17H21N4O9P
Molecular Weight: 456.34
Percent Composition: C 44.74%, H 4.64%, N 12.28%, O 31.55%, P 6.79%
Literature References: One of the bioactive forms of riboflavin, q.v. Prepd by phosphorylation of riboflavin with chlorophosphoric acid: L. A. Flexser, W. G. Farkas, US 2610179 (1952 to Hoffmann-La Roche); with pyrophosphoric acid: Breivogel, Ridge, US 2535385 (1950 to White Labs.); with metaphosphoric acid: Viscontini et al., Helv. Chim. Acta 35, 457 (1952); US 2740775 (1956 to Hoffmann-La Roche); with pyrocatechol cyclic phosphate: Ukita et al., US 3118876 (1964 to Takeda).
Derivative Type: Monosodium salt
CAS Registry Number: 130-40-5
Trademarks: Hyryl; Ribo (Tennessee Pharm.)
Molecular Formula: C17H20N4NaO9P
Molecular Weight: 478.33
Percent Composition: C 42.69%, H 4.21%, N 11.71%, Na 4.81%, O 30.10%, P 6.48%
Properties: Occurs as the dihydrate. Yellow crystals. Soly in water at pH 6.9 = 112 mg/ml; at pH 5.6 = 68 mg/ml; at pH 3.8 = 43 mg/ml. Protect from light.
Therap-Cat: Vitamin (enzyme cofactor).
Therap-Cat-Vet: Vitamin (enzyme cofactor).
Keywords: Enzyme Cofactor; Vitamin/Vitamin Source; Vitamin B2.

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