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Title: Q-Enzyme
CAS Registry Number: 9001-97-2
CAS Name: a-Glucan branching glycosyltransferase
Additional Names: potato branching enzyme; enzyme Q; branching factor; glucosan transglycosylase
Literature References: A widely distributed enzyme which transfers part of a 1,4-glucosan chain from a 4- to a 6-position in polysaccharides. Isoln from potatoes: Barker et al., J. Chem. Soc. 1949, 1705. Crystallization: Gilbert, Patrick, Biochem. J. 51, 181 (1952). Improved isoln procedure: Griffen, Wu, Biochemistry 7, 3063 (1968). Although Q-enzyme is unstable in aq soln, it can be stored for long periods without appreciable loss in activity when it is freeze-dried. Review: Barker, Bourne, Q. Rev. Chem. Soc. 7, 65-68 (1953); Dixon, Webb, Enzymes (Academic Press, New York, 1958) passim.

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