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Title: Propranolol
CAS Registry Number: 525-66-6
CAS Name: 1-[(1-Methylethyl)amino]-3-(1-naphthalenyloxy)-2-propanol
Additional Names: 1-(isopropylamino)-3-(1-naphthyloxy)-2-propanol
Trademarks: Avlocardyl (AstraZeneca); Euprovasin (Magis)
Molecular Formula: C16H21NO2
Molecular Weight: 259.34
Percent Composition: C 74.10%, H 8.16%, N 5.40%, O 12.34%
Literature References: b-Adrenergic blocker. Prepn: BE 640312 and BE 640313; Crowther, Smith, US 3337628 and US 3520919 (1964, 1964, 1967, 1970 all to I.C.I.). Description of optical isomers: Howe, Shanks, Nature 210, 1336 (1966). Biological studies: Barrett, Cullum, Br. J. Pharmacol. 34, 43 (1968). Metabolism: Bond, Nature 213, 721 (1967). Multi-center clinical trial in myocardial infarction: V. Hansteen et al., Br. Med. J. 284, 155 (1982). Use as migraine prophylactic: S. Diamond, E. Millstein, J. Clin. Pharmacol. 28, 193 (1988); S. Diamond et al., Headache 27, 70 (1987). Toxicity data: M. Martin, P. Linee, Eur. J. Med. Chem. 9, 563 (1974). Review of pharmacokinetics: P. A. Routledge, D. G. Shand, Appl. Pharmacokinet. 1980, 464-485; of pharmacology: J. D. Fitzgerald in Pharmacology of Antihypertensive Drugs, A. Scriabine, Ed. (Raven Press, New York, 1980) pp 195-208. Series of articles on use in hypertension: Drugs 37, Suppl. 2, 42-76 (1989).
Properties: Crystals from cyclohexane, mp 96°.
Melting point: mp 96°
Derivative Type: Hydrochloride
CAS Registry Number: 318-98-9
Manufacturers' Codes: AY-64043; ICI-45520; NSC-91523
Trademarks: Angilol (DDSA); Apsolol (APS); Bedranol (Lagap); Beprane (Biotherapie); Berkolol (Berk); Beta-Tablinen (Sanorania); Beta-Timelets (Temmler); Cardinol (CP Protea); Deralin (Alphapharm); Dociton (AstraZeneca); Duranol (Elan); Efektolol (Brenner-Efeka); Elbrol (Pfleger); Frekven (Novo); Inderal (Wyeth); Kemi S (Otsuka); Oposim (Richet); Propabloc (Azupharma); Prophylux (Hennig); Propranur (Henning); Rapynogen (Maruko); Sumial (AstraZeneca); Tesnol (Kowa)
Molecular Formula: C16H21NO2.HCl
Molecular Weight: 295.80
Percent Composition: C 64.97%, H 7.50%, N 4.74%, O 10.82%, Cl 11.99%
Properties: Crystals from n-propanol, mp 163-164°. Sol in water, alc. Practically insol in ether, benzene, ethyl acetate. LD50 in mice (mg/kg): 565 orally; 22 i.v.; 107 i.p. (Martin, Linee).
Melting point: mp 163-164°
Toxicity data: LD50 in mice (mg/kg): 565 orally; 22 i.v.; 107 i.p. (Martin, Linee)
Therap-Cat: Antihypertensive; antianginal; antiarrhythmic (class II).
Keywords: ?Adrenergic Blocker; Antianginal; Antiarrhythmic; Antihypertensive; Aryloxypropanolamine Derivatives.

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