Potassium Silicate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Potassium Silicate
CAS Registry Number: 1312-76-1
Additional Names: Soluble potash glass; soluble potash water glass
Literature References: Variable composition: K2Si2O5 to K2Si3O7; may also contain water.
Properties: Colorless or yellowish, translucent to transparent, hygroscopic, glass-like pieces; strong alkaline reaction. Usually very slowly sol in cold water, or depending on the composition, almost insol. More readily sol in water when heated with it under pressure. Insol in alcohol; dec by acids with precipitation of silica. Keep well closed.
Use: As binder (e.g., in carbon electrodes, lead pencils, protective coatings, insol pigments); detergent, in glass and ceramics manuf.

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