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Title: Ethamivan
CAS Registry Number: 304-84-7
CAS Name: N,N-Diethyl-4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzamide
Additional Names: N,N-diethylvanillamide; vanillic acid diethylamide; vanillic diethylamide
Trademarks: Vandid (3M Pharma); Cardiovanil; Emivan (USV)
Molecular Formula: C12H17NO3
Molecular Weight: 223.27
Percent Composition: C 64.55%, H 7.67%, N 6.27%, O 21.50%
Literature References: Prepd by dissolving vanillic acid O-acyl amide in NaOH and neutralizing with CO2 or acid: Kratzl, Kvasnicka, Monatsh. Chem. 83, 18 (1952); by refluxing a mixture of vanillic acid, P2O5 and powdered glass in xylene and treating with K2CO3: eidem, US 2641612 (1953 to Oesterr. Stickstoffwerke). Toxicity study: Caujolle et al., Compt. Rend. 243, 609 (1956).
Properties: Needles from ligroin, mp 95-95.5°. LD50 i.p. in rats: 28 mg/kg (Caujolle).
Melting point: mp 95-95.5°
Toxicity data: LD50 i.p. in rats: 28 mg/kg (Caujolle)
Therap-Cat: CNS stimulant; respiratory stimulant.
Keywords: CNS Stimulant; Respiratory Stimulant.

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