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Title: Polylysine
CAS Registry Number: 25104-18-1
CAS Name: L-Lysine, homopolymer
Literature References: A lysine polypeptide or homopolymer, the chain length of which varies with the method of prepn. Prepn: Katchalski et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 69, 2564 (1947); 70, 2094 (1948); Fasman et al., ibid. 83, 709 (1961); Sela et al., Biopolymers 1, 517 (1963); Strojny, White, US 3215684 (1965 to Dow). For structure see Lysine.
Derivative Type: L-Form hydriodide
Properties: Average dp (or n) = 32. Transparent, solid, film-like polymer. Readily sol in water; practically insol in the usual organic solvents. Transition of high-mol-wt poly-L-lysine (dp 1500) in aq soln from a helical to a randomly coiled conformation under the influence of decreasing pH or increasing temp: Applequist, Doty, C.A. 58, 6925b (1963).

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