Pine Tar
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Title: Pine Tar
Literature References: A product obtained by destructive distillation of wood of Pinus palustris Mill., or other species of pine, Pinaceae.
Properties: Blackish-brown, viscous liquid; heavier than water; empyreumatic odor and sharp taste. Slightly sol in water; sol in alc, chloroform, ether, acetone, glacial acetic acid, fixed and volatile oils, and in solns of caustic alkalies. Principal constituents: turpentine, resin, guaiacol, creosol, methylcreosol, phenol, phlorol, toluene, xylene, and other hydrocarbons.
Therap-Cat: Topical antieczematic; rubefacient.
Therap-Cat-Vet: Mild irritant, antiseptic in chronic skin conditions. Expectorant.

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