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Title: Chlorocyanohydrin
CAS Registry Number: 513-96-2
CAS Name: 3,3,3-Trichloro-2-hydroxypropanenitrile
Additional Names: 3,3,3-trichlorolactonitrile; 3,3,3-trichloro-2-hydroxypropionitrile; chloral hydrocyanide
Molecular Formula: C3H2Cl3NO
Molecular Weight: 174.41
Percent Composition: C 20.66%, H 1.16%, Cl 60.98%, N 8.03%, O 9.17%
Line Formula: Cl3CCH(OH)CN
Literature References: Prepd from chloral hydrate and HCN: Chwala, Wassmuth, Monatsh. Chem. 81, 843 (1950).
Properties: Crystals, mp 61°. Odor of HCN and chloral. Sublimes easily. bp 220°. Freely sol in water, alcohol, ether, and most other common organic solvents; moderately sol in carbon tetrachloride. Practically insol in petr ether.
Melting point: mp 61°
Boiling point: bp 220°

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