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Title: Paraformaldehyde
CAS Registry Number: 30525-89-4
Additional Names: Polyoxymethylene
Trademarks: Paraform; Formagene
Literature References: Also erroneously referred to as Triformol or as "trioxymethylene". Polymerized formaldehyde, (CH2O)n. Obtained by concentrating formaldehyde soln. Use in mummifying dental pulp: I. Curson, Br. Dent. J. 121, 519 (1966); P. Hobson, ibid. 128, 275 (1970).
Properties: White, cryst powder, having an odor of formaldehyde. Slowly sol in cold, more readily in hot water, with evolution of formaldehyde; insol in alcohol, ether; sol in fixed alkali hydroxide solns. Keep tightly closed.
Use: For disinfecting sickrooms, clothing, linen, and sickroom utensils. Active ingredient of contraceptive creams. Also used as fumigant; in dentistry; in manuf synthetic resins and artificial horn or ivory.

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