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Title: Phenoltetrachlorophthalein
CAS Registry Number: 639-44-1
CAS Name: 4,5,6,7-Tetrachloro-3,3-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1(3H)-isobenzofuranone
Additional Names: 3,4,5,6-tetrachlorophenolphthalein
Molecular Formula: C20H10Cl4O4
Molecular Weight: 456.10
Percent Composition: C 52.67%, H 2.21%, Cl 31.09%, O 14.03%
Literature References: Prepd by condensation of phenol and tetrachlorophthalic acid or its anhydride: W. R. Orndorff, J. A. Black, Am. Chem. J. 41, 349 (1909); Zalkind, Belikova, Zh. Prikl. Khim. 8, 1210 (1935). Metabolism and hepatic chromosecretion of phthalein dyes: P. Hykes, J. Jirsa, Acta Univ. Carol. Med. 25, 135 (1979), C.A. 95, 111282z (1981).
Properties: White powder, dec >300°. Almost insol in water, chloroform, benzene. Sol in alcohol, ether, acetone, glacial acetic acid; sol in aq alkali hydroxides or carbonates with deep purple color when concd, violet-red when dil, and bluish when very dil.
Derivative Type: Disodium salt
CAS Registry Number: 128-71-2
Trademarks: Chlor-Tetragnost
Molecular Formula: C20H8Cl4Na2O4
Molecular Weight: 500.07
Percent Composition: C 48.04%, H 1.61%, Cl 28.36%, Na 9.19%, O 12.80%
Properties: Dihydrate, violet crystals. Freely sol in water. Dec on exposure to air.
Therap-Cat: Cathartic; disodium salt as diagnostic aid (hepatic function).
Keywords: Diagnostic Aid; Laxative/Cathartic.

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