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Title: Oxymethurea
CAS Registry Number: 140-95-4
CAS Name: N,N¢-Bis(hydroxymethyl)urea
Additional Names: N,N¢-dihydroxymethylurea
Trademarks: Methural
Molecular Formula: C3H8N2O3
Molecular Weight: 120.11
Percent Composition: C 30.00%, H 6.71%, N 23.32%, O 39.96%
Line Formula: (HOCH2NH)2CO
Literature References: Prepn: Einhorn, Hamburger, Ber. 41, 26 (1908); Walter, US 1863426 (1927); US 2436355 (1946 to du Pont).
Properties: Crystals from alcohol, mp 137-139°. Very sol in cold water, hot ethyl alcohol, methanol.
Melting point: mp 137-139°
Use: In the textile industry in cotton crease- and shrink-proofing, finishing, drying, sizing; in tanning; pesticides; in photographic developers.
Therap-Cat: Antiseptic.

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