Oil of Citronella
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Title: Oil of Citronella
Literature References: Volatile oil from fresh grass of Cymbopogon (Andropogon) nardus (L.) Rendle, Gramineae. Constit. Ceylon: about 60% geraniol, about 15% citronellal, 10-15% camphene and dipentene, small quantities of linalool, borneol. Java: 25-50% citronellal, 25-45% geraniol.
Properties: Almost colorless to pale yellow liq; gradually becomes reddish; pleasant odor. d Ceylon, 0.897-0.912; Java, 0.885-0.900. aD20: Ceylon, -6 to -14°; Java, -2 to -5°. nD20 Ceylon 1.479-1.485; Java, 1.468-1.473. Slightly sol in water; sol in 10 vols 80% alcohol. Keep well closed, cool and protected from light.
Optical Rotation: aD20: Ceylon, -6 to -14°; Java, -2 to -5°
Index of refraction: nD20 Ceylon 1.479-1.485; Java, 1.468-1.473
Density: d Ceylon, 0.897-0.912; Java, 0.885-0.900
Use: As perfume; insect repellent.

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