Oil of Bay
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Title: Oil of Bay
Additional Names: Oil of Myrcia
Literature References: Volatile oil distilled from leaves of Pimenta (Myrcia) acris Kostel., Myrtaceae. Constit. 40-55% eugenol; myrcene, chavicol, methyleugenol, methylchavicol, citral, l-phellandrene; total phenols, 50-65% by volume.
Properties: Yellow to brownish-yellow liq; pleasant odor; sharp, spicy taste; becomes brown on exposure to air. d2525 0.962-0.990. aD25 -3°. nD20 1.500-1.520. Insoluble in water. Very sol in alcohol, carbon disulfide, glacial acetic acid.
Optical Rotation: aD25 -3°
Index of refraction: nD20 1.500-1.520
Density: d2525 0.962-0.990
Use: Pharmaceutic aid (aromatic). Manuf bay rum.

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