Misch Metal
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Title: Misch Metal
CAS Registry Number: 8049-20-5
Literature References: Alloy of mixed rare earth metals. Prepd by electrolysis of fused rare earth chlorides. Obtained from the lanthanide ore, bastnaesite. A typical composition is 48-50% cerium, 32-34% lanthanum, 13-14% neodymium, 4-5% praseodymium and 1.5% other rare earth metals. Average mol wt is 140. Uses in organic synthesis: M.-I. Lannou et al., Tetrahedron 59, 10551 (2003).
Properties: Pyrophoric powder. Store under argon.
Use: In the manuf of flints for gas and cigarette lighters. Coreductant or promoter in organic synthesis. In metallurgy: decreases microporosity and improves stress resistance, thermomalleability and heat exchange in refined steel.

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