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Title: Methimazole
CAS Registry Number: 60-56-0
CAS Name: 1,3-Dihydro-1-methyl-2H-imidazole-2-thione
Additional Names: 1-methylimidazole-2-thiol; 1-methyl-2-mercaptoimidazole; mercazolyl; thiamazole
Trademarks: Basolan; Danantizol; Favistan (Temmler); Frentirox; Mercazole; Metazolo; Tapazole (Lilly); Thacapzol; Thycapsol; Strumazol
Molecular Formula: C4H6N2S
Molecular Weight: 114.17
Percent Composition: C 42.08%, H 5.30%, N 24.54%, S 28.09%
Literature References: Prepd by treating aminoacetaldehyde diethyl acetal with methyl isothiocyanate: Wohl, Marckwald, Ber. 22, 1354 (1889); from thiocyanic acid and N-substituted amino acetals: Jones et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 71, 4000 (1949). Metabolism: D. S. Sitar, D. P. Thornhill, J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 184, 432 (1973). Comprehensive description: H. Y. Aboul-Enein, A. A. Al-Badr, Anal. Profiles Drug Subs. 8, 351-370 (1979). Review of pharmacology and clinical experience: D. S. Cooper, N. Engl. J. Med. 311, 1353-1362 (1984).
Properties: Leaflets from alc, mp 146-148°. bp 280° (some decompn). uv max (0.1N H2SO4): 211, 251.5 nm (E1%1cm 593, 1528). Freely sol in water. Sol in alcohol, chloroform. Sparingly sol in ether, petr ether, benzene.
Melting point: mp 146-148°
Boiling point: bp 280° (some decompn)
Absorption maximum: uv max (0.1N H2SO4): 211, 251.5 nm (E1%1cm 593, 1528)
Derivative Type: Methiodide
Trademarks: Jomezol
Use: In cyanide-free silver electroplating.
Therap-Cat: Antihyperthyroid.
Keywords: Antihyperthyroid.

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