Magnesium Nitrate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Magnesium Nitrate
CAS Registry Number: 10377-60-3
Molecular Formula: MgN2O6
Molecular Weight: 148.31
Percent Composition: Mg 16.39%, N 18.89%, O 64.73%
Line Formula: Mg(NO3)2
Literature References: Hydrated form occurs in nature as the mineral nitromagnesite.
Properties: Hexahydrate, colorless, clear, deliquesc crystals. d 1.464. mp ~95°. Sol in 0.8 part water; freely sol in alcohol. The aq soln is neutral. Keep well closed.
Melting point: mp ~95°
Density: d 1.464
Use: In pyrotechnics; in the concentration of nitric acid.

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